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2014 – 2015

Create with the best

Design a knowledge network with the top 100 food start-ups in the world

Talent community

Create a community of more than 500 foodpreneurs to develop their ideas with us.

Unique acceleration

Guiding 20 start-ups through the growth and development process

Leading mentors

Expert guidance to create two networks of 50 mentors and 50 business angels to help grow the projects

Investors’ Club

Creating an Investors’ Club with 100 members and an investment fund of 1 million euros

The Seed Revolution

Yearly co-innovation with 25 local producers in order to familiarise them with disruptive technology to potentially be developed

The Industry

Close collaboration with 10 food and beverage companies to determine how to tackle some of their innovation challenges


Launching 20 prototypes like nothing else in the world from our LAB


Driving innovation projects with 100 disruptive chefs from around the world

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If you are…


After a selection process, and with our support, we help start-ups grow

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With our Investors’ Club, we connect companies and individuals with financial means with our new business opportunities and start-ups

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We help entrepreneurs with high potential to develop their own ideas and those of Reimagine Food

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Food&Beverage Companies

We bring together our leading start-ups and disruptive concepts and the innovation needs of food and beverage companies

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We want your challenges and future innovations to become a reality in our ecosystem

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