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Corporate Service is a series of corporative solutions that give food and beverage companies the capacities, processes, skills, and knowledge to reimagine the future of food.

Corporate Service includes:

Food & Tech Program, geared towards ten food and beverage companies that want to disrupt the food industry using our emerging technology, and that of our start-ups.

Food & Tech Shortcut, geared towards companies that need to discover and redefine their new digital future in the sector.

Corporate Venturing, the Reimagine Food investment instrument that facilitates investment in both startups from our acceleration programme, Prometheus, and those outside its scope.

Food & Tech Program

One of the Reimagine Food corporate programmes focused on allowing ten food and beverage companies access to knowledge and the emerging technology we develop in our food research and dissemination lab, as well as the expertise, innovation and agility of Food&Tech start-ups from our acceleration program, Prometheus.

Plus, companies in the programme are members of our community, so they can participate in our events and access in-company programmes based on our know-how and studies of market trends, and on how consumers of the future will interact with products and services thanks to disruptive technology that is creating new ways to produce, distribute, market, share, discover, consume and interact with food.

Food & Tech Shortcut

This programme is geared towards food and beverage companies that need to discover and redefine the new digital future of their sector and want to play an active role in this revolution.

Food & Tech Shortcut gives participants customised access to the knowledge of 1,400 Food & Tech start-ups, their interpretation of disruptive new technology and its applications in the food and beverage sector. From our laboratory we select and import ground-breaking concepts from other sectors (sport, health, tourism, leisure, fashion, etc.).

We bring together all the work methodologies of the start-ups to acquire and learn from their transformative culture and implement it in the companies.

And, finally, participants become part of our ecosystem and can attend our high-value events.

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