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We explore business opportunities related to the new universe linking chefs with technology and restaurants with clients

Digital Gastronomy is the first global platform where chefs from around the world can promote their ideas, challenges and innovations while forging a closer relationship with local food producers and food and beverage companies.

Through Digital Gastronomy, chefs connect their challenges and future innovations with the general public. This way, they can raise awareness of their approach and the possibilities for the future of cooking and bring them to fruition with entrepreneurs and prosumers.

In the photo, from left to right, José Ramon Tramoyeres, architect and creative director at Reimagine Food; Marius Robles, CEO of Reimagine Food; and Paco Morales, world-renowned chef and gourmet commissioner at Reimagine Food.

Digital Gastronomy seeks to anticipate how emerging technology will break into the food sector. This is why it aims to create high-impact future situations and events to showcase how new technology will become part of our lives, including 3D food printing and Cognitive Cooking.

The 3D SEED Event

With 3D SEED, we are working to create the first 3D printed food experience in the world: an event that will take place simultaneously in New York and Barcelona.

‘A Tribute to Complexity’ will be a private event for 12 people in each of the chosen cities, in this case New York and Barcelona. The dinner guests are to be scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs and philosophers selected by Reimagine Food, which is investing €150,000 in this project. After this historic event, the project will be exported to Asia and Russia.

The event will take place in a 125-m2 space, where the architecture, dinner service, cutlery and even the menu will be 3D printed. The menu can’t be revealed yet, but we know that the tasting menu will consist of 6 ‘printed’ dishes. According to Marius Robles, CEO of Reimagine Food, “two of the six courses served will not be designed by humans but by ‘machines’”, bringing us closer than ever to Cognitive Cooking.

We will be able to offer the same dish printed at 8 pm in Barcelona and 2 pm in New York. Wearable technology and artificial intelligence will be just some of the areas of study linked to the dining experience.

Over the coming days, two of the selected locations in New York and Barcelona will be disclosed.

Marius Robles says “we will experiment not only with food, but also with how we’ll observe and interact with food in the next two years. We’ll surely see combinations that have never been tried before, both in shape and taste. Also, it’s exciting to see the enormous potential of technology and how it can interact with guests in ways that have never seen before.”

At the same time, as we announced, REEM will also be present at the 3D SEED. There it will also interact with the dinner guests and explain the details of how the menu and dishes have been created, and then process the feedback received from each guest.

The presentation reaffirms Reimagine Food as the brand bringing meaning to disruptive technology, such as drones, artificial intelligence, robotics, wearable devices and big data, adapting it to the needs of consumers and the food industry.

Stay tuned for more information and new opportunities

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