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Our Investors’ Club, which aims to raise 1 million euros initially, includes venture capital funds, individuals with financial means, business angels, professional investors and consultants.

Their purpose is to provide financial muscle for the initiatives associated with our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The aim of the Investor’s Club is to attract capital for both the start-ups we accelerate and our own projects under the Reimagine Food brand, which we expect to be revolutionary.

The advantages of being a member of our club include:

Be a potential investor in the start-ups we accelerate each year through our Prometheus programme.

Priority investment: In addition to investing in our start-ups, we also detect entrepreneurial talent and start-ups that have already been accelerated but, given their rapid growth and success, need a greater injection of capital to go global. In this case, members of the Investors’ Club get first chance at investing.

Invest in Reimagine X: We are open to shareholders and investors joining the Reimagine Food financial outlays for the physical premises of our LAB, which aims to develop and create prototypes of ground-breaking concepts.

Access to trend observatory: Additionally, the Club seeks to have investors share their concerns, proposals and analysis models. So, Reimagine Food will provide on-going points of reflection on and interpretation of what is happening in the global start-up arena.

Acquiring start-ups: Likewise, we want food companies, both here and abroad, to invest in certain food start-ups, allowing them to purchase a share in or even acquire start-ups that can make a difference.

Interested in becoming an investor?

Send us an e-mail with your details to and we’ll get back to you.

Stay tuned for more information and new opportunities

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