Reimagine Food launches an Artificial Intelligence platform for food disruption: innovation Bots are here!

Reimagine Food launches an Artificial Intelligence platform for food disruption: innovation Bots are here!

  • The Reimagine Food innovation centre has launched SmartfoodS, the first smart digital platform that helps the food industry innovate.
  • Innovation Directors Hire AI Bots developed by Reimagine Food and Beat Competitors by Massive Discovery of New Business Opportunities
  • This software uses artificial intelligence to fuel innovation. Among other applications, it can be used to analyse which innovations a company should create or which are already being developed, and allows users to design functional recipes and foods.

SmartfoodS is the first digital platform and cloud of smart bots that use artificial intelligence to fuel food innovation. It uses Google-style software to allow users to see which innovations a company should develop and who is innovating in their sector and with what type of product.

The platform, which the team at the Reimagine Food innovation centre spent more than a year designing and has been the pet project of founder Marius Robles, combines different algorithms with artificial intelligence. It searches, detects, filters and interprets all the information of value identified from the more than one hundred thousand specialised sources selected previously. “We’ve sought a way to bring intelligence and perspective to all of the stakeholders in the food sector: start-ups, investors, brands and chefs,” says Marius Robles, CEO and co-founder of Reimagine Food.

“Innovation Bots are enabled with a sense of `Relevance´, a unique artificial intelligence business algorithm -developed by Reimagine Food- which provides InnoBots with business innovation sense to help them score the most suitable innovation spaces specific to the brand capabilities.”

SmartfoodS is divided into SmartfoodS Innovation, geared towards detecting innovative business opportunities in the food industry, and SmartfoodS Nutrition, which detects possible combinations of nutrients to generate new products and recipes.



Thanks to this software, investors can discover new trends, new business opportunities to invest in and start-ups seeking funding. For food&tech start-ups, it provides a quick analysis and survey of the competition on the market at the time or in the near future, as well as their positioning opportunities.

    In short, SmartfoodS allows the industry to:

  • Discover where market opportunities lie
  • Improve product positioning
  • Identify optimal packaging
  • Manage the company’s innovation portfolio visually


SmartfoodS is the result of more than one year of R&D in Reimagine Food, as well as two years of work by its founder, a job validated weekly with the food industry in order to boost the industry’s potential with the latest artificial intelligence technology and extensive databases. It includes endless combinations of nutrients, ingredients, consumer segments, needs, etc. to boost the capacities of innovators and food creatives. SmartfoodS is part of the portfolio of products that Reimagine Food makes available to manufacturers and retailers in the food sector to foster innovation and address the growing interest in nutrition.

“The next big challenge for SmartfoodS? To develop prediction algorithms to automatically detect new business opportunities or whether a start-up will fail, and to do so by interacting verbally with your mobile phone,” explains Oriol Ribera, Research and Innovation director.


Team session at the lab, analyzing SmartfoodS algorithms



Thanks to SmartfoodS Nutrition, marketing teams at food companies and chefs can design new, healthier products and create functional recipes much faster. It will allow them, for example, to prototype and validate a snack to help millennials prevent acne, set an anti-aging menu or create a product with nutrients to protect the skin against sun damage.


The “Millennial – Acne” sandwich

Among the many other applications, the software can select the nutrients we need to prevent skin alterations and the ingredients that are highest in those nutrients. Then, a food company or chef must decide how to best combine the chosen ingredients to create a new dish or functional product.

Reimagine Food, in collaboration with Europastry and chef Isma Prados, has already created the first functional recipes with the help of the SmartfoodS platform. The software selected the right nutrients and ingredients to prevent acne, psoriasis and skin ageing. Europastry, a company that makes dough for bread and pastries, selected the best bread for each case and chef Isma Prados came up with the recipe.

The process of designing a new beauty food is quick and intuitive. Just enter some details into the platform, such as age, condition or illness (acne) and type of recipe (snack, sandwich, dish, etc.). The software selects the right nutrients, in this case, to prevent acne: Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Omega 3. For each nutrient, SmartfoodS proposes several different ingredients and, with these, chef Isma Prados and Europastry created the following recipe:



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