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If your startup is a unique, high-technology company that can make a difference in the food industry,
we would like to meet you.

We invite Food Tech Startups to join our ecosystem, which will allow them to interact with the top companies and executives in the food and beverage industry, as well as experiencing the disruptive technology we develop at Reimagine Food. Depending on the point your startup is at, we propose several different collaboration options.

Address industry challenges with your ideas, creativity, business expertise and/or programming skills.
Stay tuned for more information.
Accelerate your project to grow and attract investment.
Participate in Investment Forums, Venture Network and other investor/startup events.
IESE Investment Forum click for more information.
Register your startup to be part of the Food&Tech ecosystem and gain visibility.
Explore existing starups.

If your company aims to use technology to radically change the way we interact with food, Reimagine Food is where you should be.

Stay tuned for more information and new opportunities (Hackathon, Investment Program, Acceleration Program, Events)

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If you are…


After a selection process, and with our support, we help start-ups grow

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With our Investors’ Club, we connect companies and individuals with financial means with our new business opportunities and start-ups

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We help entrepreneurs with high potential to develop their own ideas and those of Reimagine Food

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Food&Beverage Companies

We bring together our leading start-ups and disruptive concepts and the innovation needs of food and beverage companies

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We want your challenges and future innovations to become a reality in our ecosystem

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